Since 1994

Since 1994

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Our construction process is something we pay very close attention to. Whether it’s a small addition project or an entire house project, the steps we follow are the same. Attention to detail, constant communication and the utmost focus on customer service are critical to our success. The process below should assist you in your upcoming remodeling project.

Step 1: Design & Contract •

  • Regal Construction is a full-service design-build firm. We will assist you in mapping out your plans for your home addition project and meticulously translate your vision into a working design. The design(s) which we propose based on your needs and input are carefully reviewed with you to assure that we have reached the balance of functionality, aesthetics and the needs you require. If further detail or perspectives are needed, we will employ the help of an in-house accredited Architect.   
  • From this design we will present a full and detailed proposal which we guarantee to stay within budget as proposed and deliver on what is committed on time. 

Step 2: Implement •

  • Regal Construction will meet with you to review the design plan for feasibility and/or suggestions that may improve flow or conserve costs. •We will guide you and share a timeline for the selection of materials and products for the project, especially those that are needed right away and those that require several weeks' lead time (such as cabinets, fixtures, windows and design materials). •A detailed production schedule is created which we manage closely on a daily basis. •The project manager, your key contact throughout the project, will meet with you frequently to review any input you may have on the progress as well as to review the status of the schedule.

Step 3: Conference •

  • We arrange a pre-construction conference at your house for you to review all aspects of the project and to re-confirm the details of the agreement. •Tour your house with the project manager and go over exactly what needs to be done. We take notes and send follow-up memos if anything changes from the plans. •Set the ground rules for your project between you and the project manager. •We define for you our communication plan. •We will assign to you a primary contact person. We set up a schedule for follow up meetings at critical milestones of the project. •We establish a project book which is maintained by the project manager and becomes the central repository of information for all Regal employees and subcontractors which will work on your project.

Step 4: Set Up •

  • Regal Construction will put in place a trash container, portable toilet, and construction fence if required.
  • Call for all required utility locates and mark excavation site. 
  • Secure all necessary building permits from respective municipality Building Department.

Step 5: Demolition •

  • The exterior of the existing house walls and roof is prepared to accept the new structure.

Step 6: Construction

  • The crew prepares the foundation, frames the walls, floors, roof and installs windows. •The house is roofed and sided. •The plumbing is roughed in, electric systems are run and HVAC systems are installed. •Insulation between studs and ceiling joists is applied, drywall is installed then taped, finished and textured. •The crew installs interior doors and trim; installs cabinetry, counters, and light fixtures. •The finished flooring is installed, and plumbing and electrical systems are finalized. Final City Building inspections take place.

Step 7: Follow Through •

  • We will tour the remodeled space with you. •We will itemize any details that need to be addressed and any changes that need to be made; we urge you to keep a detailed list. •We will complete a final inspection with you, checking off the items from your preliminary walk-through. •